Patient Testimonial


March 4, 2019

To the doctors and staff at Hermoz Ayvazian's Office:

I was sent to your office for a toenail that was slowly cutting into the big toe on my left foot, causing a stabbing, and more and more constant, pain. 

I was immediately given the best of care, the utmost in kindness, and a professional atmpsophere from everyone in the office.

The staff was over and above exemplary in every contact I had with them. The doctors were prompt and considerate, listened carefully to all my concerns, and set out upon understanding my situation to give me 100% care and assurance.

When I expressed concern about the numbness in the three middle toes on the same foot, I was promptly sent to Alice for physical therapy. Her work was a complete success, and erased the problem in just a few short, pleasant sessions.

I simply cannot put into words how impressed I am and how thankful I am to have been connected with your office and everyone in it.

I have no fear now of any problems with my feet in any way, as I know exactly what to do if I have a problem-- turn it over to Dr. Hermoz Ayvazian and his awesome crew.

Thank you so very much.

I have heard that Medi-Cal is now asking for percentages in their follow-up records, so I authorize Dr. Ayvazian to list me as 100% cured, satisfied, and willing to return.

God bless you all,

Kevin S

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